Olaf van Gerwen


Short version:
I make ads for food and drink brands.

Longer version:
I started in the industry at a young age. I entered the ad business as an offline editor. Soon enough, having learnt the art of story telling through editing, I became a director of narrative commercials. It was then a natural step to also shoot my own films as DOP.
A decade ago, I found my niche: food and drink. Since I do so much tabletop, high speed cameras and motion control rigs are my favourite friends. Luckily, my narrative and visual story telling experience allows me to smoothly combine technical wizardry with human emotion.

Now, at 45, I have shot over 500 projects in more than 30 countries.
I am based in Amsterdam, where I co-own a production house specialised in food related content called Chuck Studios.

Other loves: wife and two grown kids, golden age hiphop, drum&bass, L.A. beat scene, art and of course Biggie, the hybrid chihuahua dog.